During the spring we’ve recruited the talented mr. Mathias Andersson as our new percussionist. Mathias also sing and play guitar in Moving to Ashbury, which is more of a punk band, he will bring new influence to our music and we’re looking forward to rock your socks of even more than before.
Christian will be focusing on singing and rhythm guitar.

Be sure to check out our upcoming gigs and our merch.

Long time, no see, no hear

We have been inactive for some time but are now focusing on writing new material, recording said material, and eventually get gigging again, hopefully with that same new material.
We will also soon, planned for June the first, release a new single on Spotify (and some more music services).
Stay tuned!

New gigs

New gigs are added to our calendar, be sure to book us if you’re planning a party!

Gävle 23 November

We just got a gig at CC-Puben in Gävle on Saturday the 23rd of November. Be sure to join for a rockin’ evening!

Country SM

Between the 27th and 29th of september we participated in the Swedish country music competition Country SM. We ended up in second place togheter with the fantastic Tupelo Highshots but still had a great time. Congratulations to Saturn Girl & the Toneheroes!


During the nearest future we will focus on resting and rehearsing to be able to come back stronger and better than ever. Keep calm and carry on. We might, or should we say will, strike again when you least expected!