The Breakouts consists of:
Christian Magnusson – lead vocals and guitar
Mikael Ivarsson – lead guitar and backing vocals
Johan Ahlman – double bass and backing vocals
Mathias Andersson – drums

We are a whatever-a-billy punk rock’n'roll orchestra founded in Västerås, Sweden, in the spring of 2011.

During the first year we had some minor gigs, but in 2012 all hell broke loose. We got lots of bookings and people actually seemed to appreciate our noise. We’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of people and experienced musicians.
In 2013 the gigs continued and we were booked almost every weekend for the first half of the year. During the end of september we also participated in “Country SM”, a Swedish country music competition, as one of three bands nominated for the rockabilly category. We ended up in second place, together with the fantastic Tupelo Highshots, but had a great time – congratulations to Saturn Girl & the Toneheroes!
During spring 2016 we extended our constitution with Mathias Andersson, from Moving to Ashbury, on drums.

Playing music is what makes us feel the best and we will continue doing it until you beg for mercy.

Our music is based on rockabilly with variations ranging from everything from jazzy country to rougher punk rock music.